Tavi & all the colourful people

Have a look at this video of Tavi Gevinson - phenomenon, blogger, student and editor in chief of Rookie Mag.

Her new blond look is awesome. However …

I personally liked her blue hair best! But hair colour aside, what’s inside her head is just super great!

She reminds me a lot of myself, how I used to be as a kid. I loved dressing up and created different characters. For some reason it was normal for me to wear crazy outfits at school, joyful for some - provocative for others. Maybe I could have chosen the easier path; looking like the other pretty girls, but it just came natural to be different - even though that ment being harassed at school or in the streets. And fun thing is, people’s reaction has continued into (my) adulthood – it seems like normal behaviour and good manners are out the window of the beholder when they see something “weird”! I’m still surprised how many nasty comments people give; directly (especially when drunk!) or behind your back (or on internet, incognito!). I read somewhere, that the reason why we criticize another person, is because we subconsciously wants this person to be like us! Well, that would make the world colourful and interesting?

So yes please to diversity, and always remember “Thumper’s law”: ”If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”.

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